Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Be That Of Night In Rendezvous

~My hunger begs be that my spew
between my legs the burn~
~Be that a night of rendezvous
to take of you I yearn~
~To run my lips the length your skin
taste the tender of~
~To feel the beat your heart within
be that of making love~
~Caress your breast in tenderness
be fondle that below~
~Wrap your doughy nipples in my lips
suck them ‘til they flow~
~To bask in that between your legs
drink from that the spout~
~To make you bawl in that of beg
while sucking in my stout~
~Spread your wings be open wide
place my tongue within~
~Taste the wetness be inside
be cause you swoon herein~
~Turn round about be on our knees
facing front to rear~
~Penetrate of thrusting sieze
like that a driven spear~
~Drive in be out round about
like that a mounted Steed~
~Unto the point I hear you shout
let go my spewing seed~
~To hear you beg for more be more
the long be of the night~
~To satisfy your lusting core
be that my sweet delight~ 
Duke Duke

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