Friday, October 14, 2011


~Tonight I lay alone my bed
you be my every thought my head~
~I close my eyes be that to sleep
to find myself in tears of weep~
~I hear the whisper in the wind
the sound be pain my cry within~
~The chill imbues my room in gloom
be that the cold within a tomb~
~My bed like that a casket be
alone I lay be only me~
~I look my window to the sky
and ask my God be Heaven why~
~You were my heart my very soul
my life be that my all I know~
~I miss your touch your tenderness
the sweet your kiss I reminisce~ 
~The warmth your body close to me
the way you filled my heart in glee~
~My soul now empty my heart in cry
you were my strength my reason why~
~My every wake be day and night
I pray again you be my side~
~If that be Heaven I welcome death
with you my mind be last my breath~
~Be once again your sweet embrace
forever be in full of Grace~
Duke Sherman

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