Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Next My Dream Be true

~Be that of lust I lye awake
in thought be that of you~
~In that I crave be that in take
of you the night be through~
~To wash my face between your legs
in that be of a meal~
~Taste within be make you beg
be Heavenly surreal~
~To suck in that be of your clit
drive you near insane~
~Drink of that your cumming spit
in that your pleasured pain~
~Be that of you to grasp my shaft
suck in the total whole~
~Play with that be of my sack
swallow down the load~
~To know of that your beauty lyes
the rounding of your breast~
~To tender kiss be suck your tides
incite your senses crest~
~To penetrate in that of love
be that of stride in thrust~
~Entangle be our tongues in of 
our ecstasy of lust~ 
~Move in and out in stimulate
the cumming of my seed~
~Slow be steady hesitate
to cum as one will be~
~This night alone I sleep our bed
aroused in dream of you~
~Be that I know within my head
the next my dream be true~
Duke Sherman

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