Sunday, October 9, 2011

Me Love

~When me see into thy eyes
be but of Heaven that she lye~
~In that thy nose be perfect shape
be that of balance very the base~
~Thy cheek be high sharp in blush
painted by Nature her blooming flush~
~Thy lips be fetching full of grace
long be wide adorn thy face~
~I gaze upon thy face and see
the hand of God hath molded ye~
~In that ye speak be Angel song
be of serine the morning dawn~
~Hence thy face me eyes removed
to that thy body a Rose in bloom~
~Thy neck be likened of the swan
long be slender comely charm~
~Sculptured likened Hourglass be
pleasant the eye most verily~
~Thy touch be soft be that evoke
me every one excite awoke~
~Me heart be rush me blood be hot
me gut be tied in that a knot~
 ~Thou art the fairest in all the land
hence be ye of Heaven sent ~
~By that my troth me love ye great
me love ye more be hence me sake~
~Me love ye ‘til me death beyond
forever more hitherto come~
Duke Sherman

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