Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Kindling Light

~You are in that my all desire
my kindling light begotten fire~
~I lust for you in every way
to lye within your sweet array~
~To taste your wet inviting lips
embraced in passion longing kiss~
~Caress your luscious sexy curves
arouse your every sensing nerve~
~Your breast be round voluptuous
 protruding nipples of deliciousness~ 
~I crave them in caressing kiss 
to drown myself within the bliss~
~I am in awe the thought of you
your every move in all you do~
~Your walk be of orgasmic stride
my hunger grows deep down inside~
~Your hips move motion back to forth
my thoughts be that of intercourse~
~In that my loin I have a yearn
between my legs the fire burns~
~Runs hot my blood I cannot bare
my need be great of that your tear~
~My buds be that in want of taste
the sweet in that between your legs~
~The nectar from your spitting spout
to quench the thirst within my mouth~
~I feel the weight my seed below
the pain be such within the hold~
~Release I must this burning spew
to mix with that inside of you~
~Make love to you in of the night
unto the break of dawning light~
~To have you moan in beg for more
with every move be passion soar~
~Be that you wrapped around me tight
like that be of a sucking bite~
~To share with you in pleasure be
a nightlong ride in ecstasy~
Duke Sherman

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