Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Wish I Wish

~You are my wish upon a star 
a wish I wish beyond afar~
~To hold to keep my life to be
to love a woman such as thee~
~To breathe your breath within a kiss
to know the sweet be taste your lips~
~To hear you say I love you do
to know the words I hear be true~
~To lay with you be that my side
knowing you be here all be right~
~To feel your touch against my skin
to hear your heart in beat within~
~To watch you sleep in gentle keep
to know be me you dream your sleep~
~To wake the morn to that a kiss
be all in this that be my wish~
~Too many night a sleepless night
alone I lay unto the light~
~My thought be that in ponder be
in that be you to be with me~
~For that the sweetness of your lips
to breathe your breath within a kiss~
~To hear you say I love you do
this wish I wish I wish come true~
Duke Sherman

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