Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Fire Off A Blast

~You are in that my flaming heat
the burn my blood of fire~
~A screaming gush a pounding beat
be of my heart desire~
~Be hot the blood be run my veins
like that the flow of lava run
~In that my loin I feel a pain
within my seed be spun~
~I hunger taste be that within
imbued between your legs~
~In that the sweet of nectarine
be that my tasting crave~
~To finger that your rearing hole
while drinking my delight~
~Bring you climax be my goal
of pleasure be incite~
~To have you choke my manning tool
and swallow down the shaft~
~Gently squeeze my Family jewels
and tease the seed from sack~
~Next I climb your tenderness
be that your skin in length~
~To suck on that be of your breast
your nipples pumping veins~
~Tender touch in tonging of
your dark areola round~
~In sweet caress erogenous
be that sensations mount~
~Feel your breath be on my neck
send shivers down my spine~
~Fondle you to keep you wet
in ready be entwined~
~Lye flat on that be of my back
you straddle me atop~
~Slip my tool your lusting crack
inviting wet be hot~
~You ride me like a bucking Bronc
while fingering your clit
~Be that to take my seed in want
in mix the cumming spit~
~Within my jewels I feel the strain
shooting up my shaft~
~Be that so sweet be of the pain
I fire off a blast~
~You look with that a grin at me
and ask me for some more~
~I answer yes most certainly
ready your lusting core~
~I drive it in be jolting thrust
deep within your burn~
~You say yes I like it rough
be that is what I yearn~
~I thrust be hard be about
ask be like you want~
~I jerk in back be hard be stout
you beg me more and cry savant~
~I feel the cumming pain again
burning in the shaft~
~You say to me your near the end
and rip be scratch my back~
~Be that as one we climax same
 jerk in motion quivering~
~Be climax in you scream my name
embrace we do in shimmering~
Duke Sherman