Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Blood Be Boiling

~My Darling;
~My blood be boiling my body whole
my heart in race ten times the fold~
~Desire burning emotions stirring
be that of you my all in yearning~
~To quench my thirst be wet your lips
taste the potion be of your kiss~
~Breathe in your breath inhale your soul
be that the essence of your roll~
~To kiss your nipples with eager lips 
be that so gentle in caress~
~Stimulate intoxicate your senses be
to that of pure in ecstasy~
~To touch your every inviting curve
be that of foreplay in allure~
~Watch you quiver be in excite
much to that be my delight~
~Feel your heat inside be out
be grow intense as we indulge~
~Be that I take you on a ride
in that your grasp be me in stride~
~Of that our craving be of lust
with that of every be my thrust~
~To stop in pause be deep inside
and feel your body electrify~
~Pull out and in and back again 
be that come forth of lovers pain~
~Hear my name in anguished bliss
be that itself a stimulus ~
~Complete the deed as be of one
not regret what we had done~
~To end in that you be my arms
you are my all in that I yearn~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman

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