Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Night Of Reminisce

~Be that my loin there burns desire
hot be roaring flames of fire~
~Between my legs the bag be full
swollen mass be that a Bull~
~Within be stand in begging pain
to feel the pleasure be the strain~
~I want to watch as you disrobe
of that your naked be exposed~
~To wash your body with my eyes
bury my head within your thighs~
~To drink of that your sweating clit
be that of flowing nectar spit~
~To feel your hand be run my shaft
be up be down within your grasp~
~Gently slip the knob your mouth
be that to tease my seed to rouse~
~To kiss your breast in that caress
and know the tender of your flesh~
~To penetrate your sweet devide
and feel the warm be deep inside~
~To nibble on your swanning neck
firing emotions be every peck~
~To have our lips be meet as one
to taste of that each others tongue~
~Make love to you throughout the night
to never let this fire smite~
~To end this night of reminisce 
embraced within be that a kiss~
Duke Sherman

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