Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For Your Love

image I Would
~Scale the highest mountain swim the deepest sea
cross the driest desert with no water be~
~Fight a hungry tiger brave the worst of wind
walk five hundred miles barefoot in the sand~
~Stand alone in battle ten to that of one
race a distance runner hence the battle won~
~Kiss the head of cobra spit into his eye
sit the ground be Army aunts in do they multiply ~
 ~Lye a bed of scorpions dressed in but my bare
run the pit of Hell be the Devi’s lair~
~Ride the tales of lightening ground unto the sky
pull the Rod of Zeus as I pass him by~
~Steal a star from Heaven scape
to make a gift for you to take~
~Confess my love the world to hear
from that be of Olympus tiers~
~Keep you safe for all time be
forever day eternity~
Duke Sherman 

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