Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Night

~Last be of night I lie in thought
within my dream I burned~
~To suck in kiss your special spot
make you moan and yearn~
~In that be of between my legs
to simmer be in steam~
~You jerk emote cry out in beg
give me what I need~
~Be that I am between your thighs
tonging be in tease~
~I place my tongue be that inside
fondle be your clit~
~Be in be out in motion bout 
unto your cumming spit~
~Be that of next you drop your knees
to pleasure be my stout~
~You swallow down be that of ease
taking in the shaft~
~I feel the pain be that within
you grasp my seeding sack~
~Be that to cause my seed extend
greater be the flow~
~Be firm the squeeze you suck it down
taking in the load~
~We rest awhile drink of wine
cuddle kiss and play~
~In lusting be of intertwine
be that in bed we lay~
~Be Missionary Dogie style 
be that of Sixty nine~
~Make love in each be of awhile
be in of all the night~
~Be but a dream in wishing of
in that you be not mine~
~One day I will confess my love
but now not be the time~
Duke Sherman

1 comment:

  1. To be secretly desired with such burning passion is every woman's fantasy. You Are Amazing!!!