Monday, May 21, 2012

I Love You More


~I love you more than all the stars
that fill the Heaven’s sky~
~You live and thrive within my heart
giving me reason why~
~I love you more with every breath
filling my lungs with life~
~Life without you would be my death
for I would surely die~
~I love you more than I can see
you are my guiding light~
~Taking the darkness inside of me
replacing it with sight~
~I love you more with every day
giving me happiness~
~With all you do with all you say
 in your tenderness~
~I love you more with every smile
beautiful and sensuous~
~Driving me crazy driving me wild
you are my passioness~
~I love you more with every touch
bringing me Blissfulness~
~You are my Heaven my Angel’s clutch
within your sweet caress~
~I love you more than Spring needs rain
bringing on the new~
~You bring me joy you keep me sane
I live because of you~
~I love you more unto days end
eternity and a day~
~Forever more my love transcends
for you in every way~
~I love you more and more and more
more than I can say~
~You are my heart my soul my one adored 
my love is here to stay~
Duke Sherman

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