Saturday, May 5, 2012

You Are My Ecstasies


~Our eyes meet as we kiss
covered in a haze~
~Tongues swimming within our lips
savoring the others taste~
~Our hearts seem to beat as one
dancing in our chests~
~Desires build as hunger is spun
beneath our every breath~
~I run my fingers down your spine
causing you to sigh~
~I feel your heart beat begin to climb
as I touch between your thighs~
~The warm the wet my hunger craves
runs within your core~
~Exciting my urge to take a taste
my heart begins to soar~
~Caressing your neck with my lips
nibbling here and there~
~Tasting your skin in every kiss
sensations in a flare~
~Unto the baring of your breast
I kiss them hungrily~
~Suck the nipples thick abreast
rising perfectly~
~Run my tongue down your length
quenching in your sweat~
~Inhale the aroma of your scent
searching for my quest~
~I enter the region I hunger for
nestled within your thighs~
~Tease the clit guarding the core
to release what is inside~
~You jerk you quiver you quake and moan
flooding me with love~
~The scent likens of musk cologne
my taste buds come erupt~
~The nectar is sweet fit for Gods
intoxicating me~
~I savor each and every drop
deep in ecstasy~
~You squeeze my head between your thighs
grasping with your hands~
~Arch your back let out a sigh
the flow becums enhanced~
~You come to rest in longing breaths
I rise and climb your length~
~Unto the beauty that is your breast
inhaling your musky scent~
~Penetrate deep into your core
thrusting in and out~
~Until the cumming of my spores
likening spawning trout~
~Like a wild cat you rake my back
increasing my ever flow~
~Draining the scrotum’s entire sack
basking in afterglow~
~We rest awhile make love again
throughout the all of night~
~As if time itself it had no end
lost in Paradise~
~Our eyes meeting as we kiss
covered in a haze~
~Tongues swimming within our lips
savoring the others taste~
~No other woman commands my lust
fulfilling my fantasies~
~You are my heart my only love
you are my ecstasies~
Duke Sherman

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