Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Your Every Touch

~Sometimes I find myself in thought
thinking just of us~
~With every thought my blood runs hot
longing for your love~
~Your every touch excites me so
causing my heart to race~
~Throughout the body of my whole
hunger begins to quake~
~Embraced in love and locked in kiss
rubbing skin to skin~
~Lost in passions fiery bliss
burning from within~
~Nestled high between your thighs
I penetrate the womb~
~Thrusting forward my hunger drives
in and out of you~
~Stirring the pleasures of ecstasy
feeding on our lust~
~Fueling the flames of passions heat
in every driving thrust~
~Your breaths are shallow and quickening
with fire in your eyes~
~Body violently shaking quivering
squeezing me in your thighs~
~My swollen scrotum about to crack
underneath the strain~
~You dig your nails into my back
subduing the cumming pain~
~Suddenly I hear you scream relief
begging me to cum~
~As we swim the seas of ecstasy
the two of us as one~
~We once again embrace in love
locked with a kiss~
~Fall to sleep in dreaming of
passions fiery bliss~
Duek Sherman

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