Thursday, May 31, 2012

When I hold You Close To Me


~When I hold you of embrace
my senses begin to climb~
~My heart it skips begins to race
beating out of time~
~When I taste your lips so sweet
my hunger begins to stir~
~Sensations raising my body heat
my vision begins to blur~
~I drink the potion within your lips
 a warm erotic brew~
~Longing for more I make a wish
let this dream be true~
~My hunger stirring desires flames
burning deep within~
~Bleeding hot throughout my veins
sweating from my skin~
~Spreading through my all of me
erupting in my loins~
~Like molten lava flowing free
exploding in my groins~
~Encased within the Scrotum’s pouch
the seed is set afire~
~Feverishly swimming wanting out
drowning in desire~
~Between my legs my hard infused
with molten lava blood~
~Mere thought of you I am seduced
I feel a cumming flood~
~Throbbing hard and throbbing long
holding back the pain~
~The hunger grows so very strong
driving me insane~
~My heart dances a thousand beats
anticipating of~
~A night long full of ecstasies 
tasting the others love~
Duke Sherman

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