Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Poison (A Fantasy)

~Of that be fire in your eyes
poison in your lips~
~Tongues entwined be that inside
embraced within a kiss~
~The poison be in burns my blood
throughout my every vein~
~Flowing hot be that of scud
imbued in lusting pain~
~I take of that your bustling breast
nipple in my mouth~
~Feel your breath caress my neck
like warming be in soused~
~Run my hand be down your side
of that between your legs~
~Slip my finger deep inside
you moan in gasp of beg~
~Again embraced within a kiss
with fire in your eyes~
~I taste the poison in your lips
tongues entwined inside~
~In of surrender I carry you
unto my waiting bed~
~Of that my groin be of in roux
cumming to a head~
~Be hard be round be of my shaft
in that of fever be~
~In that of poison be in vast
burning of my seed~
~In that to quench I have a thirst
be sweet of wet in warm~
~I drink of that your flowing squirt
to satisfy my yearn~
~You move in that be open wide
trembling there within~
~I slip my tongue be deep inside
feel the fire’s rim~
~The poison strong has reached of point
you suck my shaft your mouth~
~In that be of be in anoint
 my burning bleed in stout~
~I feel the burn within my pain
be cumming up the shaft~
~Be that be in of shooting flame
fires off a blast~
~You suck it down in lick your lips
squeeze of taking more~
~I tease be that your rosen clit
indulging in the core~
~You moan be squirm in final squirt
my pain be not complete~
~The poison be of still in lurk
be that in of my bleed~
~Hard again I take of you
be that of making love~
~To drain be that my poisoned spew
be in  my lusting of~
~In of the night unto the day
you take my seed of me~
~Be that of each in every way
to that of ecstasy~
Duke Sherman

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