Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Warm Rewarding Treat

~A hunger pains in of my loin
be lust in thought of you~
~A fire burns within my groins
inflames be that my spew~
~Of that my buds be growing thirst
to drink of that be sweet~
~Be that within your flowing squirt
a warm rewarding treat~
~For you to take my shaft in hand
my throbbing knob your mouth~
~Rouse the seed be of their glands
by sucking in be out~
~I want to take you from behind
mount you like Stud~
~With that of thrust be intertwined
the fire be our blood~
~Be in be out be every thrust
you cry my name in beg~
~Hard be more you say in lust
you burn between your legs~
~Be that I thrust in long be hard
of that be round a bout~
~To feel within my pain be start
in that be sweet be stout~
~One last thrust you scream delight
at once we both succumb~
~Be that again once more the night
our love imbued in cum~
~To take you from be that above
be then from that below~
~Make love to you be all night of
unto the morning glow~
~To take you in my arms the end
be that to cuddle with~
~In of the night our love transcends
a night to reminisce~
Duke Sherman

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