Monday, November 14, 2011

In Sweet Anticipate

~The sweet be taste be that your love
be that my lusting of~
~To taste in that between your lips
embraced within a kiss~
~Taste in that your sultry sweat
while nibbling on your neck~
~Feel be that your breath of air
in that be of my ear~
~Kiss your body sweet caress
to know your tenderness~
~Of that your breast be nipples of
like red be rosen buds~
~The wet be juicy tender fruit
between your legs in root~
~Nectar sweet be flowing silk
be warm a clear like milk~
~To breathe the scent be that I taste
your sweet ejaculate~
~Bask in that the warming heat
of that your flowing seep~
~Feel you quiver moan in shake
of sweet anticipate~
~Keep your juice be flowing high
be through the all of night~
~In that be of to hear you scream
be that of passioning~
~My name in that be of our love
be that my lusting of~
Duke Sherman

1 comment:

  1. uh uhm *clears throat* all i will say it this poem if FIRE! yet another scorcher hun. great job *fans face*