Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quiver In Quake

~Be that in every beat my heart
my love for you imbues~
~Of that be passion burning hot
my love for you the fuel~
~My blood in that be fired heat
runs through my body through~
~Like that be lava in of creep
cooking in my spew~
~I feel the burn between my legs
in that be of my sack~
~Of that my seed be in of beg
clinging to my shaft~
~Be that be hard be round in thick
vessels bursting in~
~In that be full in cumming spit
bustling there within~
~I take you be in full embrace
be that of lusting kiss~
~Drink be sweet in that incased
within your sultry lips~
~Kiss you down unto your breast
take in the swollen nub~
~Of that be hunger in caress
in that of sucking blood~
~Run my hand between your thighs
feel the warm be wet~
~See the haze be in your eyes
in carry you to bed~
~Of that in burn be of my seed
no longer can I wait~
~Within my shaft of need to bleed
my seed in generate~
~I penetrate in that of thrust
between your legs within~
~Of that be in be out of lust
unto the cumming pain~
~You moan in sigh you quiver quake
of that your time to be~
~Of that as one be of in spate
cum in ecstasy~ 
Duke Sherman

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