Saturday, November 19, 2011

She Is My Every Lust


~She is in that my all be lust
of that my very soul~
~In that my heart be beating of
the blood runs hot inflow~
~I take her in of day and night
be that in making love~
~She always takes me in of flight
in that my dreams be of~
~Embraced within of passions kiss
I round her luscious tongue~
~Drink of that her inner spit
be that of lust has spun~
~I kiss her long be slender neck
whisper in her ear~
~Taste of that her rounded breast
confess my love endeared~
~Her nipples rosen hard in stout
I suck between my lips~
~Tenderizing in my mouth
be every sucking sip~
~I kiss in down her body’s length
unto her wet divide~
~Inhale be that her sweet in scent
my finger be inside~
~Of that she takes in masturbate
my throbbing knob her mouth~
~My tongue in that between her legs
of that be wet aroused~ 
~We drink in flow of sodomite
each other’s cumming of~
~Be that our juices running wild
in drinking of our love~
~The taste be sweet like that of peach
in warm be of her flow~
~Be that I drink in nectar sweet
my hunger seems in grow~
~I feel the pain within my loin
cumming down the shaft~
~The seed from that be of my groin
fires off in blast~
~She looks at me in of excite
a smile on her face~
~Licks off my knob in sweet delight
leaving not a trace~
~Like that a dream she takes me high
in that of ecstasy~
~Be that of lust within her eyes
she begs for more in tease~
~In that she sucks my soft to hard
playing with my sack~
~I feel the beat within my heart
racing down in track~
~She mounts me like a wild steed
rides me mighty Bronc~
~Up be down entice my seed
in cumming in of crop~
~I feel the pain begin to gain
be that in maximum~
~She screams to me let go the pain
I fill her full of cum~
~At that the same I feel her drip
moan and jerk in lust~
~She leans in that be in of kiss
confesses me her love~
Duke Sherman

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