Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aroused Am I

~Aroused am I in that of you
be that my hard be of~
~To be with you in rendezvous
be that of making love~
~From that be dusk unto the dawn
the cumming of the spew~
~For you to take in suck my long
in tasting of your due~
~In that I hold you upside down
my head between your legs~
~Drink from that your inner round
and tease you ‘til you beg~
~To take you from be that behind
like that a roughing steed~
~Thrust be hard be of entwined
unto my cumming seed~
~Make you burn between your legs
in that you call my name~
~Scream for more in that of beg
the cumming be in flamed~
~To turn you round be face about
you drop onto your knees~
~You grab my long be hard in stout
and swallow down my seed~
~Now I take you from atop
in penetrate again~
~To bask in that be wet be hot
of that my seeded den~
~To tend to that be of your breast
your nipples in my lips~
~Be that be tender sweet caress
in tasting of in kiss~
~To make you moan and be in jerk
in that of pleasure be~
~In that I feel you squeeze in squirt
while taking in my seed~ 
Duke Sherman

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