Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deep Within

~Deep within be that I burn
be that my blood afire~
~In that for you so do I yearn
be that I bleed desire~
~In of my veins unto my loin
be that of lust inflame~
~Between my legs in of my groins
be that I bleed in pain~
~My seed be full in lasting rich
be stout in cumming spew~
~Of that my hard be long in thick
of that be wanting you~
~I have a taste for that be of
the sweetest be of sin~
~To drink in that be of your love
between your legs within~
~Be that be of forbidden fruit
sweet the nectar’s flow~
~Caress be that your tender root
bask in afterglow~
~Inhale the scent be musky sweet
the sweating of your glands~
~Be that be but an added treat
for this be loving man~
~For you to take my long be thick
 be that your mouth in whole~
~Suck be that be hard of lick
and swallow down my load~
~To penetrate be that of you
your every entrance way~
~To fill you full be that my spew
unto the light of day~
~Be that to make be that of love
sweet the ecstasy~
~Fulfilling that of dreams be of
our every fantasy~
Duke Sherman 

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