Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Drink


~Of that in kiss be full embrace
tongues in tasting of~
~My fingers slipped below her waist
my thought be making love~
~Of every be caressing touch
anticipation built~
~Imbuing hearts in that of lust
in bracing for the thrill~ 
~She begged in moan be that of more
I felt the warm be wet~
~Seeping from her inner core
while kissing of her neck~
~Nibbled on her ear in lip
whispered of my love~
~Stole from her another kiss
moved down her tender of~
~Licked of that her sultry breast
tasted nipples red~
~Heard her heartbeat in her chest
race in be of stress~
~She grabbed between of that my legs
my thick be hard in throb~
~Looked at me be that in beg
of taste my lusty knob~
~She sucked be in be out of tease
in generate my blood~
~Roused be that she took my seed
in swallowed down robust~
~Looked at me in that of haze
took in the lasting drop~
~My pain in that be sweet in dazed
of never ending want~
~Hunger grew inside of me
to drink of that her flow~
~Sweet of that in nectar be
spewing of in troll~
~In that I drank I played her clit
my finger up her ass~
~She jerked in moan propelling spit
be that of in surpass~
~I drank my full in flowing of
sweet be that my yearned~
~Be still I hungered be in of lust
in that of fire burned~
~Of that be need in penetrate
her Heavenly divide~
~Nest in warm between her legs
deep be that inside~
~I took her be in thrusting of
she pulled me down of in~
~Dug her nails my back in lust
blooding of my skin~
~Of that in surge I felt the burn
in cumming of my pain~
~She moaned in sigh be of my sperm
called out of lust my name~
~I filled her with my liquid seed
in of her sweet divide~
~She looked at me in ecstasy
be hazed within her eyes~
~We feel asleep in that of love
laying side beside~
~With that of kiss in ending of
a reminiscent night~
Duke Sherman

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