Friday, November 18, 2011

Tonight Our Rendezvous


~I hunger be for that of love
my soul be that afire~
~My heart be that imbued in of
passion in desire~
~From that my soul into my heart
unto of my paining groin~
~A fever burns be that of char
within my lusting loin~
~Between my legs a fulling sack
be that of seed in lay~
~Of hard in stout be of my shaft
throbbing in array~
~I sit here now in thought of you
my blood in running steam~
~Be that tonight in rendezvous 
of that will passion be~
~To take of you in total of
my dream of every night~
~Embraced in that be of our love
unto the morning light~ 
~To kiss you in of tenderness
nibble on your neck~
~Touch the beauty of your breast
in that be of caress~
~Suck in be that your rosen nips
tickle with my tongue~
~Run my hands between your hips
be that of love in spun~ 
~In long have I been lusting for
to taste you in be sweet~
~Of that between your legs adorn
in honey nectar bleed~
~To lay my face your open thighs
be warm in tendering~
~Slip my finger be inside
devouring my drink~ 
~In that you jerk of be in squirm
the flow be ever more~
~To suck it down in every squirt
be cumming of galore~
~In that to take be of my full
of that my lusted treat~
~To have you drop be to the floor
on that be both your knees~
~Take my shaft in of your mouth
and generate my seed~
~Look up at me in of excite
eyes of that in yearn~
~Massage be that within your bite
to satisfy my burn~
~To let go my seed in of a burst
in rocket shooting flame~
~Quench be that your yearning thirst
in cumming of my pain~
~Make love to you one hundred plus
be that my lusted wish~
~Be that of once in making Love
in that alone of Bliss~
~My passion burns of that desire
within my heart for you~
~I long in that release my fire
tonight our rendezvous~
Duke Sherman

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