Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Lust You like no Other

~I lust you like no other
no other could I lust~
~You are in that my only one
the only one I want~
~You are my thought be of the day
be that my dream of night~
~I love you more than every way
you are my guiding light~
~I want to taste be of your lips
inviting warm be wet~
~Long embraced within a kiss
pressed up against your breast~
~To feel the rhythm be your heart
be of the Angel’s song~
~To never drift from us apart 
be that our love live on~
~You are the light within my soul
my reason in to be~
~My one my all my life be told
the one God meant for me~
~I want to take you in my arms
confess to you my love~
~Keep you safe from all be harm
be that in ever of~
~To never let you want for none
keep and love you true~
~In be the end my life be done
my last thought be of you~
Duke Sherman

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