Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Essence Of My Soul

~Of that my heart in fire burns
my blood runs hot in flow~
~You are in that my every yearn
the essence of my soul~
~In every breath of that I take
my thought be that of you~
~You are in that my every day
in all I live in do~
~I long the wet be in your kiss
of love be full embrace~
~Soft in touch of tenderness 
be sweet in of the taste~
~Inhale your breath in that be of
touching of our souls~
~To be as one in of our love
forever in behold~
~Touch of that be in caress
the slender of your neck~
~Be that of in belonging kiss
en route unto your breast~ 
~Bed you down be next my side
your body be of warm~
~I think be that within my life
of that you have adorned~
~You are in that my every wish
my all in dreams come true~
~You make my life of that in bliss
my every want is you~
~To kiss the softness of your length
tasting of your skin~
~Breathe in be that your loving scent
my head be in of spin~
~Taste of you from head to toe
in back to of your mid~
~Drink in that be of your flow
within your burning split~
~To drink in you be flowing love
sweet of nectarine~
~Imbues of fire within my blood
to that of ecstasy~ 
~You are in that eternal fire
blazing in of flame~
~In all be that my one desire
to never be in tamed~
~To climb your body in caress
in find your tender lips~
~Impel my hard in round erect
into your sultry split~
~Be that in kiss of making love
our tongues entwined as one~
~Ejaculate in that be of
unto the deed be done~
~In all my life there never was
nor will there ever be~
~Another one to say I love
you are my destiny~
~In that of end to lay in hold
each be of our arms~
~As that of one be of our souls
forever in a yarn~ 
~I Love You~
Duke Sherman

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