Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Night In Ecstasy

~I hunger be with you tonight
within the fire burns~
~Between your legs be my delight
be sweet the taste I yearn~
~To drink be that of nectar’s flow
from that inside of you~
~To bring it on be long in slow
in that of love’s imbue~
~I want for you to wrap your lips
around my throbbing rod~
~To suck it in be warm your spit
be tease my seed from pod~
~To cry my name in that of lust
and swallow down my seed~
~In that of next in loving of
to ride me like a steed~
~To feel myself inside of you
be that of warm in wet~
~In that of mixing be our spew
the stir be my erect~
~You ride in up be down to side
a roughing Bronc in be~
~In that to take a winning ride
in that of ecstasy~
~Long be hard you take the bell
let out a moaning cry~
~In that I too so do impel~
be sweet in satisfy~
~To hold to love in of the night
you are my ever be~
~Make it last unto daylight
our night in ecstasy~
Duke Sherman 

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