Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Angel From Heaven

I was wild.
 When I was a child.
 As I became older.
 And became bolder.
 From my family-I took flight.
 Joined the Military-so I could fight.
 Soon I would find.
 The Nam hurt my mind.
 I lead a lonely life.
 Can’t even keep a wife.
 But my life has turned around.
 Because I have found.
 An Angel from Heaven.
 Many times seven.
 Quelli’s her name.
 She will never throw blame.
 She’s smart and whitty.
 And quite pretty.
 A woman for Mom to meet.
 Her demeanor cannot be beat.
 She honors all Vets.
 And you can bet.
 When you are sadness bound.
 She’ll turn that frown.
 Upside down.
 From day to day.
 Never anything bad to say.
 All Vets love her.
 Of this-you can be sure.
 If need her you do.
 She will fight for you.
 So if you’ve been to War.
 And your mind is soar.
 KNOW in your belly.
 There will always be Quelli.
An Angel from Heaven.
Many times seven.
Sgt Duke Sherman
VietNam Veteran

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