Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If I Had One Wish

If I had one wish that could be,
it would be to meet Marie!
She’s pretty-witty and has originality!
I love the way she walks,
and I love the way she talks!
Her eyes are like a dream,
heavenly to me they seem!
And when she smiles at me,
it’s from an Angel I see!
She’s the most beautiful girl-
in all of this or any world!
I’d love to take her out on the town,
and have on my arm the prettiest girl around!
She has the look of a Goddess,
and my desires she does possess!
Her simple demand,
would be my joyful command!
It would be pleasurable to me,
just to have her wink at me!
Sometimes I see her in my dreams:
“She’s wearing tight blue jeans,
and walking with such grace,
I can’t help but to watch and gaze!
I don’t dare to blink,
‘cause I don’t want to miss her wink!”
I’d love to be able to dance with her,
she’d teach me how to move for sure! 
Just to have her kiss me on the cheek,
would make me at the knees weak!
I’m crazy for this gal named Marie,
to have her any man would be Lucky!
If I had one wish that could be,
It would be to meet Marie!
Duke Sherman

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