Monday, January 31, 2011

I Wish It Could Be

I wish it could be,
just her and me.
The love of my life,
just me and my wife.
No worries in the world,
just love between me and my girl.
We’d stay in bed all of the day,
and make love in all sorts of ways.
I love her so very much,
and i love her special touch.
When she kisses me,
I feel so Heavenly!
And at climaxation,
I have this enormous revelation.
I’ve found the woman of my Dreams,
she’s been with me since we were teens.
She leaves me nothing to want,
except maybe more of what she’s got.
She’s so very lovely,
and she moves quite pleasantly! 
I never want to be with another girl,
not in all of this or any world!
My life has been completed,
and my Soul has been heated!
Heated with desire,
hot like a burning fire.
I couldn’t stand to be without her,
my heart would break; my being would be hurt.
She’s the makeup of what defines my life,
without her I couldn’t survive.
She’s the only one for me,
and without her I couldn’t be.
I wish it could be,
just her and me!
Duke Sherman

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