Saturday, January 22, 2011

Always On My Mind

The war in Vietnam
My mind is always on
The soldiers, that died
On, both sides
The friends, I made
Now,  in their graves
They’ve been laid
Such a terrible loss
What a horrible cost
Whether, they were good, or bad
It’s still sad
Families, they had
Life has meaning
To those, that are all seeing
Maybe if, we were to understand
God’s plan
We would learn, to love our fellow man
It could be said
Many have bled
For the fight
In their hearts, they knew was right
But if we, were to learn
Not to let, in our hearts, evil burn
And, live as brothers
From the same mothers
Follow God’s Golden Rule
It’s the best tool
We could, make the world better
Wouldn’t it be nice, to turn the clock back
And, put the world back
On the right track
No more war
No more horror
Living in peace
A new life’s lease
All of us
Living in trust
Knowing, there’s no wrong
Singing the song
Of peace, and joy
For all the world, we can enjoy
Each other, we can love
As says, God’s Commandments from above
Maybe to some, this may seem
A mere dream
But if, we tried to
We could do
What God has planned
For all man
Sgt Duke Sherman
Black Horse Veteran
Vietnam Veteran

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