Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life Of Despair

~When your life is in despair
your mind knows not to go where~
~People all around are always gleaming
but for you life has no meaning~
~You’ve been to that what is war
seen so very much the horror~
~People are afraid of you
this so make you very blue~
~You have lost all your friends
you feel your life is at an end~
~You are in so much pain
you feel you are Insane~
~Help of drugs bring do not
even when you take allot~
~To be alone you always stay
for you it’s better this way~
~You’re often 'O so very sad
your mind is in a state of mad~
~You feel as if you want to cry
~you pray to take away your life~ 
~Suicide you have often tried
without success you do not die~
~You see your Psych you call your shrink
but still your life you know it stinks~
~When you do Sleep you dream of death
you cannot ever get no rest~
~Awake at night you feel astray
you try to keep your dreams at bay~
~You feel as if your always ill
so full of guilt for those you killed~
~You stay within your everyday
and to God you often pray~
~Your mind you ask to be freed
from the terrible P.T.S.D~

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