Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love You

I Love You!
Believe me-
when I say I do!
You’ve stolen my heart-
from the very start.
When I think of you-
my mind stews-
with delight-
of being with you-
To lay by your side-
only makes me stride-
to end the day-
I will never stray!
I’ll cherish you always-
throughout the days.
I will protect you from harm-
Whom ever hurts you-
will buy the farm!
You’ve made my life complete-
I no longer run the streets.
With you in my life-
no longer is there strife!
You make me want to try-
to give you all the sky-
and all the stars-
away so far.
With you in my life-
I thrive!
Thank God for you-
I Love you-
so very true.
Duke Sherman

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