Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Secret Lover

DUKE Sherman
If I said one of you's my secret lover,
would you think I'm a bummer?
Would you know who you were,
would you really know for sure?
I think you're the prettiest girl,
in all the world!
I love you with all of my heart,
I have from the very start!
Do you think  that I'm cool,
or do you think me a fool?
Do you know who you are,
You live away from me so far!
Though you live far away,
I think of you every day!
I'm willing to bet,
you haven't guessed yet!
You have pretty blue eyes,
the color of the sky!
You have wavy brown hair,
the most beautiful anywhere!
You speak with an accent,
one of Heavenly descent!
You think very much like me,
your heart is happy and free!
Have you figured it out,
who I'm talking about?
I've prayed every night,
that you see the light!
The light you'd see,
would guide you to me!
No more can I say or do,
but to say I truly love you!
Duke Sherman

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