Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Soldier's Life

One life, has he to live
For his country, he will give
A soldier’s life
Is so full of strife
His job, never done
Even when, the war is won
He fights, to keep you free
Even, from the enemies, you don’t see
His weapon, by his side
So far, he strides
At times, so tired
His only desire
A moments rest
So he, can do his best
He’s America’s fighting man
And, he does proudly stand
For, the Red, White, and Blue
To America, he stays true
He’ll shed his blood, for thee
To keep you free
Many have died
For America’s pride
Many more will
For, it is kill, or be killed
The price of peace, is paid in war
For this, the soldier will live through horror
So, when tonight you pray
Ask God, safe may the soldier stay
Make his life, a little better,
Send him goods, or just a letter
Thank him, for all he’s done
Say to him, well done, for us
You’ve hit a home-run
When, he returns home
Remember this poem
I wrote it, from my soul
On me, the war took it’s toll
A hero’s welcome, I didn’t recieve
In our time, the war, they couldn’t concieve
They treated us, like dirt
Our hearts, and minds this did hurt
We went through hell
Many of my brothers fell
For our duty was, to fight
A good fight
With all our might
Some who came home, went insane
Many died, was it in vane?
So treat them right
When done, is their fight
They will need you
To be true
All the help you give
A better life, they will live

Sgt Duke Sherman
G Troop, 2/11 ACR
Vietnam Veteran
Black Horse Soldiers

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