Saturday, January 22, 2011

Short Story

When I was just a young boy: I dreamed of 1 day, becoming a Soldier! When I was 17 years old; my Birthday, I joined The Army and fulfilled my Dreams.
Never: Could I imagine the Hell; I would go through, But it was still the Proudest part of my Life and, I wouldn’t change it if I could!
Not everybody can say: I served My Country with Pride ! ! !
Viet Nam was the Hell I mentioned. I really did and to this date; believe in what we were Fighting for! I think it was wrong; to walk out on, the South Vietnamese people and leave them to the North, to commit what ever Evil to them they wished!
The people back home; never did, understand what we were trying to accomplish over there. They did everything in their power to make us look bad!
If only the had stayed out of it,  we would have WON that War and the World would be Better off for it!
Instead; when we came Home; they spit on us and, called us names!
That is No way to Treat this Country’s War Veterans, who were Fighting for Freedom and Democracy!
Many Died in that War, Many Never came Home!
HUG a Veteran Today, We’ll Appreciate it!
 Sgt Duke Sherman
2/11 Acr
Black Horse Soldiers

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