Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love Thy Brother

Peace be-
with thee-
who extends-
a helping hand-
to his fellow man.
God does him bless-
for Brotherly Love -
does he posses.
Like  Doves-
the Angels for him sing-
Over his head is a halo ring.
On the Sabbath-
he does haveth-
love for man kind-
on his mind.
He visits the Alter-
never does he falter.
He prays-
that one day-
his fellow man-
will understand-
that to love one another-
like brothers-
is precious in the site-
of the Lord with all his might.
One day man-
will stand at God’s feet-
and be judged for all his deeds.
What will you say-
your fellow man you betrayed?
Or will your fate-
be to walk through the “Pearly Gates” ?
Love one another-
like you’re brothers!
Know it to be true-
God will Bless you!
Duke Sherman

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