Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Soldiers Life

Full of strife-
is a soldier’s life.
He protects our nation-
from invasion.
He’s duty bound-
in him, honor is found.
He’ll fight to the death-
with his last breath-
to keep America free-
from sea to shining sea.
He kneels by-
his buddy’s side-
and cries-
as his buddy dies.
He prays-
and he says-
God take his soul-
he was only twenty years old.
His life goes on-
the soldier’s motto is his bond. 
For now he will live-
later, his life he may give.
He longs for the war’s end-
This prayer to God he sends.
“Lord, please-
allow me once more, to see my family-
before I die.
He syes!
I am so tired-
and I desire-
this war to end-
and see peace again?”
Then at first break-
another life, the war will take.
The war must end-
But with the enemy’s trend-
more soldiers we have to send.
So they can protect our nation-
from invasion.
Sgt Duke Sherman
Black Horse Soldiers
Vietnam Veteran

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