Sunday, January 30, 2011

Angel's Teardrops

You ever thought about the rain?
They say it’s teardrops of Angels in pain!
Crying for mankind on earth,
and the evil done to her!
The rain seems to clean the air,
and rebirth that which is bare!
But as time goes by,
mankind even pollutes the sky!
Will we ever learn my friends,
that the world is coming to an end?
Caused by what we’ve done,
each and everyone!
God created this earth perfect in every way,
and yet we destroy it day after day!
People are dying of cancer and other things,
not a reason for the Angels to sing!
Mankind are creating these illnesses,
caused by their own stupid recklessness!
They think they’re benefiting their fellow man,
they should have followed God’s plan!
Our lands are becoming that of waist,
and our water has a funny taste!
The air we breathe,
gives us no relief!
The Animals are dying too,
from the things mankind do!
The fish in the sea,
are no longer healthy to eat!
Soon mankind will be gone,
because of what they’ve done!
We’ve created on earth a new Hell,
with no one to blame but ourselves!
Duke Sherman

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