Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm So Lonely

DUKE Sherman
I’m such a lonely guy,
so lonely I could die!
My girl’ so far away,
like she’s been many of days!
I long for her soft and gentle touch,
so very much!
I want to run my fingers through her black hair,
the thought of waiting I can’t hardly bare!
I want to feel her body next to mine,
forever until the end of time!
I love her with all my heart,
and can’t stand to be apart!
I look at her pictures nightly before I sleep,
through my mind her images sweep!
I think of how it would be,
if she was laying next to me!
We’d make sweet love her and I,
all through that Heavenly night!
The night would never end,
because time itself would seem to bend!
I need and love my girl,
more than everything in this world!
Duke Sherman

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