Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Soldier's Letter Home


                       G Troop
March 13. 1971

My Darling;

   How I miss you so, as I sit in this Foreign Land so far away from you. When I think of all the Joy you have brought to my life. I thank God for you. I stay awake at night and Pray, that I will live through this horrible war and come home to you! My life would be nothing without you. You are the Sunshine in my Day and the Moonlight in my Night. My life would be total Darkness without you. There is Evil in this land and, it Surrounds us! We live in constant Fear. Bullets stream by our heads as the Firefights become more Frequent! The rain over here seems to never stop. The ground is so Saturated that, we sink deeper with every step we take! The Air Reeks of the Stench of Death and sickens you! The Heat is so Great, that you take a warm Shower in the Rain. If you stay in the Sun without a Helmet, your Brain will Fry! My Darling, I Fear I will not make it through this War Alive! If I don’t, Always Remember that my Love for you, was Greater than All the Stars in the Heavens and my Life was Better for it! You are my Every Reason for Living and, if I do make it Home, it will be because of you. Well my Love, we are on the move again so, I will write again soon. Remember I Love you with All of my Life and, Every Breath I take is for You!
                          My Heart is Yours for Ever with Love,
                                  A Soldier      
Written By Sgt Duke Sherman             

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