Thursday, January 27, 2011

Come Lay Next To Me

Come lay next to me,
we’ll make love in sweet harmony!
We’ll make the night last,
until the morning’s past!
I want to touch your lovely body,
so very Heavenly!
I want to smell the scent of you,
and your sweet perfume!
I want to feel you next to me,
a night to remember it’ll be!
I want to love you all night long,
with that there’s nothing wrong!
I want to feel your hair across my skin,
my desires set afire from within!
I’ll shiver in pure unadulterated  Ecstasy,
why you fill my every Fantasy!
I’m extremely excited,
just thinking about it!
After we’ll cuddle and hold each other,
and as always we’ll discover,
how much we love one another!
Duke Sherman

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