Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On The Battlefield

Picture of the Vietnam Service Medal ribbon

              A young Marine private waits on the beach during the Marine landing in Vietnam.

~Here I am on the Battlefield
not knowing what the day will yield~
~I'm thinking of home and my girl
another shell so do they hurl~
~I run for cover and drop in sand
shrapnel hits the nearest man~
~The fight has begun again
I never know when it will end~
~My life in danger all the time
never peace can I find~
~Nightfall will soon be here
with the dark comes greater fear~
~We can’t sleep at night
there are so many Firefights~
~I’ve seen many of my Brothers die
sometime I just want to hide and cry~
~I have a Body count of five today
the enemy held us at bay~
~Tonight to God I pray
that I’ll live another day~
~I pray the war will come to an end
and I'll see my home again~
~I pray that those who fought and died
will be with God at his side~
~In Heaven where they so belong
they never wavered staying strong~
~I'll try to get some sleep for now~
if my fears will so allow~

Sgt Duke Sherman

G Troop, 2/11 ACR
Blackhorse Trooper

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