Sunday, January 30, 2011

Give Me A Chance?

Have not a bit of fear my dear,
‘cause the one who loves you is here!
You know that pathetic fool,
he didn’t love you!
You’ve given him all you had,
and he’s done nothing but treat you bad!
He cheated on you every night,
then came home and started a fight!
He spent all of your money,
and you deserve much better Honey! 
Give me a chance,
to show you real Romance?
I’ve loved you always,
and I will ‘til the end of my days!
I’ll treat you like a Lady,
and I’ll take care of your Baby!
He’ll never hurt you again,
a new life we’ll begin!
We’ll be together in love for eternity,
and be a normal family!
I’ll make you happy Honey,
and to heck with the money!
Give me a chance,
I’ll show you real Romance! 

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