Saturday, January 22, 2011

If I Had A Hammer

If I had a hammer
I would hammer all over
I’d hammer all the bad politicians
Out of office, and in addition
They’d never again
The tax payers money, have to spend
I am a Vet
For this Country, my life I’ve bet
And they
Try to take our rights away
Those of them, that think the Tea Party is bad
I think are quite sad
Justice and truth, they stand for
Time for the freaks, to be thown out the door
I can no longer stand by
While they change my Country, before my eyes
Obama care
I cannot bare
Solialized Government cannot be
We would no longer be free
Higher taxes are no good
Lower them they should
Apoligize to other nations
This guy needs a permanent vacation
More powerful than the lightning Bolt
Not carefull, we may revolt
Our Country has been waiting too long
For them to correct the wrong
No longer will we accept this trend
Spend our money like there’s no end
Out on their ass I say
A prayer they might say
That we don’t throw them in jail
Or even worse, to the Mullahs we make them sail
No longer welcome are they
With our lives to play
We’re putting our Country back on track
We’re taking our Country back

Duke Sherman

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