Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Will Marry Her

I’m so very cold laying here alone,
my Girl friend has gone home!
I don’t like to sleep without her,
I already miss her for sure!
When she’s laying beside me,
I think of how marriage would be!
I love her with all my heart,
I have from the very start!
I want nothing more in this world,
than to spend eternity with my girl!
She makes me happy at every turn,
and in my heart the desire does burn!
She wants to have a baby for me,
and be part of my Family Tree!
I know I need her in my life,
I'ill ask her to be my wife!
I'll get down on one knee,
where everyone can see,
and ask her to marry me!
I'll pull out the ring,
and a melody I will sing!
I want to marry her right away,
but I’ll let her pick the day!
we’ll have that baby,
and start our family!
I love my girl,
more than than all in this world!
Duke Sherman

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