Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Army Was My Father

When I was Growing up; I never had the knowledge of who my Father Was. My Mother was very young when I was born So for the 1st few years of my Life, my Grand-Father and Grand-Mother were my Parents. It was kind of Nice in a way, to grow up with my Mother. We were Best friends and she was much like a Sister. She eventually Married many times over and I had 8 Siblings from her, all different Fathers. Never did I ever want any of them to be my Dad. I always dreamed of meeting my own! MY Mother had much bad luck with Men. When she was in her 20’s; She, would Sing in Clubs and was a Model! When she started Marrying, these Men either Drank or Gambled her Money away! I can’t remember 1 I liked before I was Grown! When I was 13 Years old; I became a Gang Banger with “The 22nd Street Boys” of San Francisco during the 1960’s. I participated in many Illegal activities and was Never Caught. Had I remained on the Same path, I would have surely Died: as did most of my Compadres! Instead, I joined the Army. Although: I went to Viet Nam; seen things No Man should have to see, The Army probably saved my Life. I was Young and Hard Headed, Un-Educated and frankly, thought I was a Bad Ass, The Army showed me Differently! They Bestowed Honor on me and Helped me to Become a Man. Later in Life; when I was older, I found my Real Father. He was Reregistered as living in LaHabra California. But. I was too Late, He had been Deceased for 6 months. I did find out that I had 4 more Siblings from Him! Though I Never Had a Father, I Adopted 1. I call Him Army! I owe my Life to it, and will Gladly give it up: For the Honor to Serve in it Again! I was a Soldier of the Greatest Fighting Force on this Earth and, A Protector of “Old Glory”! I was a Member of the BROTHERHOOD of liberty and a Soldier-And will always Be! Lest’ Us not Forget Our Soldiers that Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice nor, Our MIA/POWs. If not for them, Freedom would not Exist! If You meet a War Veteran, Tell Him/Her: Thank You and Welcome Home. You cannot Ever imagine the Satisfaction we Feel, When Hearing those Words.

Sgt Duke Sherman

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