Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today Is My Birthday

is my Birthday-
Another year past’d-
extremely fast!
My life I fear-
is waisting away!
So full of strife-
is my Damned life!
I can only say-
in my younger days-
things looked up!
I had on my side-
“Lady Luck”!
Now she’s gone.
What did I do wrong?
I loved a woman.
With another man-
she left-
with my soul!
I wept!
Faster I grew old!
I can’t get ahead-
fall back instead!
I’m alone-
I feel like a Drone!
Can’t sleep-
makes me a real Creep!
I just sit and stare-
and never go anywhere!
Today, I’m fifty-eight-
and still I wait-
for someone to restart-
my broken heart!
For “Lady Luck” to come back-
and put my life back on track!
Night after night-
my fright-
is that the end is near-
I fear!
My dreams are worse!
That’s my curse!
But I carry on-
with life, I still have a bond!
One day-
I hope to say-
“My life is back on track”-
“Lady Luck has come back”!
Duke Sherman

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