Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Letter To My Friend's Sister In Heaven

You are in Heaven now,
but know that on Earth,
you were Loved!
Know that you will be missed,
and though life will go on,
never will you be forgotten!
We all pray for you,
and know that,
you are an Angel now,
sitting on a cloud,
and watching over us!
You will always be with,
those that love you so deeply!
Your family misses you,
and knows that one day,
you will be together,
again in Heaven!
I didn’t know you,
but I wish I had!
So I too,
could know the love,
your family feels for you!
For now,
be with God,
and at the end of time,
we will meet!
We are all God’s children,
and you are,
my Heavenly sister!

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