Saturday, January 22, 2011

If You're Going To Go>>>>>>>>>>>

Love is hard for all-
When it’s over!
You take a hard fall.
Your heart breaks.
Your life-
you want to take!
For God’s sake-
give them a break!
If your-
going to leave-
a lie do not conceive!
In the long run-
at the next turn-
your heart-
will be the one to burn!
If you say-
out of desperation-
you want to stay-
They may think-
it’s a revelation.
Don’t keep their heart,-
no longer lie!
Let them start-
to give-
themselves a chance-
to  to live-
a better their life-
without all the strife.
Free them from the bond-
of them-
you’re no longer fond!
Once upon a time-
love was heartfelt-
no longer is it freely delt.
The truth will set you free-
and you will come to see-
you did-
the right thing-
better lives this will bring!
Living a lie-
can often cause-
you to die!
The mind is strange-
some become deranged.
Things become worse-
that’s Satin’s curse!
It does not matter-
who’s at fault.
Remember the latter!
A lie can be dangerous-
quite ludicrous.
I hope I’ve made it obvious!
Duke Sherman

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